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The Butterfly room is for eight children aged two who are looked after by two qualified, experienced staff with support from our part-time team.  Each of our rooms are self-contained with their own kitchen area.

POTTY TRAININGUntil your child starts potty training then all nappies and creams continue to be supplied by the Nursery. Whilst in this room most children will start potty training. We keep in constant communication with you about all stages of this and will discuss with you the routine at home in order to be continuous and consistent in our approach.

ACTIVITIESThe timetable of activities in this room offers a varied and stimulating experience for all the children with plenty of opportunity for children's free choice of play and activities. Children start to work on recognising numbers, shapes, colours and continue their mark making skills. Wherever possible we use the garden every day - even in the winter wearing our puddle-suits and wellies of course!

FOOD AND DRINKWe supply a selection of cereals and toast for breakfast upon arrival at the nursery and a healthy snack is provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon. All packed lunches are brought in from home. If your child is staying all day at nursery then tea is provided at around 4pm. Milk and water are offered at each mealtime and water is available at all other times throughout the day.

SLEEPING - There is an opportunity for rest time where your child can have a nap in a safe and comfortable environment if necessary.

NAPPIES AND CREAMThe Nursery supplies all nappies, wipes and creams.

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