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The Caterpillar room is for babies from three months to two years and in this room we look after six children.  There are two members of staff in this room who are supported by other staff at busy times as needed.  Each of our rooms are self-contained with their own kitchen area, sleeping and nappy changing facilities.

ROUTINEWe are very experienced in looking after this age group and understand that not all babies have the same routine - they will all want to eat, sleep, play and have cuddles at different times. During your settling in visits we will discuss baby's individual routine with you which we will follow once they start at nursery. As and when their routine changes then we change our routine for them too so they are always content! 

ACTIVITIES The Caterpillar room offers a stimulating and safe environment for your child to grow, explore and thrive. We have lots of age related toys and equipment with soft toys and cushions to use and play with. We offer many activities including lots of messy play, sensory activities, holistic play, singing and many opportunities for cuddles! There are many visual aids, age appropriate activities and wall displays of the children's beautiful artwork! 

MILK AND FOOD Until baby is 12 months old we ask parents to supply all food and milk. At 12 months we will supply meals and snacks although we still ask that formula milk and lunch is supplied by parents/carers.  

SLEEPINGEach child has their own blankets and sheets, and as we know baby's individual routine before they even start at nursery, we can be fully prepared specifically for their needs. Any changes to sleep patterns will be discussed with parents as necessary and adapted as their needs change. 

NAPPIES AND CREAMThe Nursery supplies all nappies, wipes and creams.

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