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The Rainbow room is for children from three years through rising fives and in this room we look after up to 24 children.  The staff ratio in this room is 1:8 and the children are looked after and cared for by three members of staff supported by other staff as required.  

ACTIVITIES - We offer a very varied schedule of activities, learning opportunities and free play in accordance with the EYFS. There are many activities encouraging social interaction with a home corner, lots of messy play, cooking, sensory toys plus lots more to help your child explore and experience. The children have many opportunities to learn new basic skills such as mark making and phonics. Every day the garden is available for the children to use and explore. 

FOOD AND DRINKFor children arriving before 8.30 we supply a choice of cereals and toast for breakfast. Healthy snacks are provided mid morning and mid-afternoon.

If your child is at the Nursery for lunchtime, you will need to bring a packed meal for them. We can provide an emergency lunch if necessary! A light tea is provided for all children staying after 3.30. Milk and water are offered to all children at each mealtime, and fresh water is available throughout the day.

SLEEPING - Most children in this room will not require an afternoon nap, but if they do on occasion then we will ensure they can have a rest during the afternoon.

NAPPIES AND CREAM - Usually children in this room will already be toilet trained, but for any children who are not quite there yet we supply all nappies, wipes and creams and continue to help with their potty training journey.

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