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Our out of school club is for any child who may need wraparound care before or after school if they attend the Kelvedon Hatch school.  During the school holidays we can also accommodate children from other schools, but on a day to day basis we only deliver and collect children from KHCPS.

ACTIVITIES - The older children usually like to spend time outdoors once they have finished a long school day.  There will usually be some time spent in the school playground weather permitting before we offer tea in the nursery around 4pm.  They are able to choose from many activities which will include art, cookery, sewing and woodwork or they may choose to read their books or do homework as they wish.  They will have the opportunity t mix with the other children of all ages at the nursery and so get to know many other children and develop great relationships with them. 

FOOD AND DRINKFor children arriving before 8.30 we supply a choice of cereals and toast for breakfast before being taken to school at 8.45.  Tea is prepared to be served at around 4pm each day.  Milk and water are always made available during the time whilst your child is with us.

EMERGENCY CARE - Once your child is registered with us, it will be possible for you to use our emergency care option subject to there being available space at the nursery.  This could be because your meeting has run on late, your car broken down or due to heavy traffic.  In this instance we ask that you let us know as soon as possible that you will require us to pick up from school so that we  can make the necessary arrangements.  

NAPPIES AND CREAM - Usually children in this room will already be toilet trained, but for any children who are not quite there yet we supply all nappies, wipes and creams and continue to help with their potty training journey.

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